Friday, April 26, 2013

Men's Round 3: Winners

Sadly, Round 3 brought an end to Andrew's run, but I think we should all congratulate him on his Sweet Sixteen appearance.  I'm thinking we should reward him with an automatic spot in next year's tournament.

David Beckham (75%) defeated Adam Levine (25%)

Ian Somerhalder (58.3%) defeated Patrick Sharp (41.7%)

Josh Duhamel (75%) defeated David Giuntoli (25%)

Liam Hemsworth (66.7%) defeated Gerard Butler (33.3%)

Zachary Levi (58.3%) defeated Rick Malambri (41.7%)

Ryan Reynolds (53.8%) defeated Bradley Cooper (46.2%)

Stephen Amell (83.3%) defeated Andrew Stottmann (16.7%)

Chris Evans (91.7%) defeated Joe Manganiello (8.3%)

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